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Postdoc position in 3D Bioprinting, Organ-on-Chip and Biomaterials

University of Freiburg

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Freiburg is seeking qualified applicants for a postdoctoral position in 3D bioprinting, organ-on-chip, and biomaterials in the collaborating Laboratories for “Bioinspired Materials” (Dr. Anayancy Osorio), for “MEMS Applications” (Dr. Peter Koltay & Prof. Roland Zengerle), and for “Sensors” (Prof. Gerald Urban) at the Institute of Microsystems Engineering−IMTEK, and at the Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies−FIT. The postdoctoral scientist of the Emmy-Noether Research Group will be inserted in an excellent research environment in Freiburg including the livMatS Cluster of Excellence, the Freiburg Materials Research Center−FMF, the Medical Faculty, and the institutes IMTEK and FIT. An excellent research record in the field of biomedical engineering, polymer science, material science, microsystems engineering or related areas is desired.

Generating functional in vitro tissue models that mimic aspects of cell 3D microenvironments is challenging. This may be addressed by combining 3D bioprinting of bioinspired biomaterials and microfluidic technology to develop organ-on-chip models. The complex hierarchical structure and self-regeneration of tissues like the intervertebral disc, the cardiac, spinal tissue and vasculature make difficult to engineer platforms which mimic tissue microstructure-function relationship in vitro. The 3D bioprinting of hybrid tissue models is an emerging and powerful technology to achieve the biofabrication of tissue and organ models.

The postdoctoral scientist is expected to work in the design and characterization of organ-on-chip platforms, with miniaturized microfluidics and 3D bioprinted tissue models, to approach biological and physiological parameters of the in vivo tissue counterparts. The research will focus in the development of biocompatible polymer bio-inks and of microsystems engineering setups to achieve relevant functional tissues of controlled microstructure.

In this postdoc, your main activities will be:

  • Design of hybrid polymer-based biomaterials by 3D bioprinting, engineering and characterization
  • Microfluidic engineering and integration in organ-on-chip technology
  • Handle cell cultures
  • Perform electrophysiology recording and data analysis
  • Support in the supervision of graduate students

Required academic formation

  • Successfully completed studies with a doctorate degree in biomedical engineering, chemistry, materials science, microsystems engineering, physics, or a related background.

You will be working in a multidisciplinary and dynamic team of engineers, chemists, physicists, material scientists, clinicians and biologists. The position is embedded in the DFG funded Emmy Noether junior group project on “3D Bioprinted scaffolds for tissue engineering” of the Faculty of Engineering.

The postdoc position is planned for one year. The salary will be determined in accordance with TV-L E13.

We are particularly pleased to receive applications from women for the position advertised here.

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Please send your application in English including supporting documents citing the reference number 00001758, by 20.09.2021 at the latest. Please send your application to the following address in written or electronic form:

University of Freiburg
Institute of Microsystems Engineering IMTEK
NG Entw. 3D biogedruckte Gerüste
Dr. Anayancy Osorio
Georges-Köhler-Allee 103
79110 Freiburg

For further information, please contact Frau Dr. Anayancy Osorio-Madrazo on the phone number +49 761 203-67363 or E-Mail

Full-time positions may generally be split up into two or more part-time positions, provided that there are no formal or legal barriers. Candidates are selected in accordance with the provisions of the AGG (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – German General Equal Treatment Act).
Applicants with disabilities (Schwerbehinderte Menschen) will be given preferential consideration in case of equal qualification.
The department offering the position is liable for the content of this job posting. Textual errors do not constitute a basis for any claims or rights. The relevant human resources department has sole responsibility for all legal transactions made within the context of the selection and hiring process.
Please note that breaches in privacy and unauthorized access by third parties cannot be excluded in communication by unencrypted email.



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