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CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships 2024

The CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship supports Pakistani students demonstrating academic excellence and leadership, while promoting East-West exchanges and positive change.

Applications are invited for the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships 2024. The last date to apply for CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships is January 31, 2024. The CUSEF Scholarship is being offered by One Young World in association with the China-United States Exchange Foundation to honour eight outstanding young leaders globally. These scholars will be selected based on their track record of making a constructive social impact on urgent global issues such as poverty, gender equality, public health, and climate change. By giving these important young leaders the chance to attend the One Young World Summit in Montreal in 2024 and join the highly respected global One Young World diplomat community, this scholarship seeks to encourage them and actively promote positive change.

The OYW Summit is being organized in Canada by the One Young World organization, which is recognized as a global network for youth with leadership potential. To address the problems and provide practical solutions that will benefit the community as a whole, you must possess enough drive. Through this international youth conference, you will have the opportunity to network with well-known global business, political, and social leaders and share your learnings while receiving mentorship from them. Your time in Canada will help you develop as a representative, and when you return to the affiliated community, you’ll have the knowledge and inspiration to make a significant impact.

About One Young World

One Young World is the global community for young leaders. We exist to develop young leaders who are taking action to solve the world’s big challenges. The annual One Young World Summit convenes young leaders from 190+ countries to connect, share learnings, and receive mentorship from world-renowned political, business, and humanitarian leaders. The young leaders return to their communities as One Young World Ambassadors with the connections, insights, and motivation to increase their social impact, accessing the global community of 17,000+ young leaders and a range of development opportunities.

About The China-United States Exchange Foundation

The China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) is a Hong Kong-based non-profit that seeks to build trust, facilitate exchange, and advance understanding between the world’s two largest economies. CUSEF has a long commitment to youth and education, bringing more than 2,000 American students to China, including 800 from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Founded in 2008, it is celebrating its 15th anniversary by inviting global youth to apply for the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship to accelerate progress on the SDGs.

About The Scholarship

In partnership with the China-United States Exchange Foundation, One Young World is launching the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship 2024 to identify eight outstanding young leaders from all over the world. The scholars will be selected based on their proven positive social impact in tackling global challenges such as climate change, poverty, gender equality, and public health. The scholarship will enable eight impactful young leaders who are driving forward positive change to participate in the One Young World Summit 2024 in Montreal and join the global One Young World Ambassador Community.

CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships Details

Offered by: One Young World
Duration: 18 – 21 September 2024
Award coverage: Fully Funded
Eligible nationality: All Nationalities
Award Country: Canada
Last Date: January 31, 2024


One Young World strives to identify the most impactful young leaders from every country in the world. Scholarships provide the opportunity for exceptional young people to attend on the merit of their proven leadership and ability to create change in their home country.

Many of our scholars are changing the world starting at the grassroots, sent to attend the summit by organizations that want to support young people making waves. Some are top-performing professionals, sent by forward-thinking managers who see the need for talent development. Others are paving the way politically in their countries and are sent to the summit by governments that see the value in empowering young people.

Our scholarship programme means that the best and brightest young leaders from around the world can attend our summit entirely free, from beginning to end, including travel, catering, and accommodation, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Who we work with:

  • Civil society
  • Governments
  • Businesses

One Young World Awards

Fair, responsible, and effective leadership from this generation is required to build an economical, just, and peaceful future. This goal serves as the foundation for all One Young World initiatives, but it especially powers the organization’s yearly One Young World Leadership Awards. By giving out these prizes, One Young World seeks out and supports exceptional leadership in several important fields, raising awareness of influential people and setting the standard for their nations, communities, and organizations.

Fewer than two percent of Members of Parliament globally are under the age of 35 and almost 30 percent of the world’s parliaments have no members under that age.

One Young World’s Politician of the Year Award was created to recognize the 5 most promising young politicians between the ages of 18 and 35 from around the world who are having the greatest impact in their home countries and communities and have been using their position to benefit young people.

Scholars Will Receive

  • Full delegate access to the One Young World Summit 2024 in Montreal, Canada. 
  • Access to development opportunities.
  • Lifetime membership in CUSEF and the One Young World Community.
  • Access to monthly global calls designed to provide delegates with enhanced leadership skills and principles alongside expertise around the Summit’s main themes.
  • Exclusive pre-summit calls with the CUSEF Young Leaders.
  • At the One Young World Summit 2024, CUSEF scholars will participate in an on-stage panel and host a workshop.
  • Private hotel accommodation at the Summit in Montreal from September 18–21, 2024. 
  • Return travel to Montreal (flights in economy).
  • Ground transport to travel to the airport (if required).
  • Catering throughout the summit.
  • Impact monitoring and tracking of projects.
  • Promotion and visibility of the work on social media. 
  • Opportunity to act as a peer mentor for future cohorts of CUSEF Scholars. 

Selection Criteria

  • Aged between 18 and 30 at the time of the One Young World Summit 2024.
  • Nationals of all countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Demonstrated interest in promoting East-West exchanges.
  • Have a proven track record of leadership.
  • Have an evidenced commitment to delivering change. 
  • Are addressing key local and/or global issues in their work. 

Financial Benefits

For students worldwide, the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship 2024 in Canada is a fully funded scholarship program. The coverage’s specifics are listed below.

  • The One Young World Summit in Montreal, Canada, in 2024 is available.
  • Accessibility to a variety of growth opportunities.
  • Lifetime membership in CUSEF and the One Young World Community.
  • Availability of monthly international calls about principles and leadership abilities.
  • The chance to take part in the workshop as a host.
  • Lodging in a hotel from September 18, 2024, to September 21, 2024.
  • Economy-class return flights are available from home to Montreal and vice versa.
  • Transportation facilities, as needed
  • The chance to guide upcoming academics.

Eligibility Criteria

The hopeful must fulfill the following requirements to be qualified for the University of CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship:

  • Anyone can apply, regardless of country.
  • The age range for applicants should be 18 to 30.
  • You have to be passionate about advancing East-West communication.
  • You need to have a strong history of leadership.
  • You have to be actively involved in addressing the challenges both locally and globally.
  • You have to be dedicated to changing the world for the better.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships is January 31, 2024.

How To Apply?

The official website is the best place to go if you want to learn more about Joint CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships. There are a ton of other things, such as campus life, student amenities, and the policies and procedures surrounding admissions. Find out more about the faculty, researchers, and community service programs at the university. Student handbooks and academic calendars are also accessible to website users. Whether you’re a prospective or current student, or just curious, Click this link to view the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship?

The CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program designed to support outstanding young Pakistani students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to serving their communities.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at a recognized university in Pakistan or abroad.
Have a strong academic record and demonstrate leadership potential.
Are committed to serving their communities and making a positive impact in Pakistan.

What are the benefits of the scholarship?

The scholarship provides financial assistance to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other academic expenses. Additionally, scholars receive mentorship opportunities, networking events, and leadership development training.

What is the application deadline?

The last date to apply for CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships is January 31, 2024.

How can I apply?

The application process is online and requires the submission of various documents, including transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and a CV or resume. Specific instructions and application materials can be found on the CUSEF website.

What are the selection criteria for the scholarship?

The scholarship selection committee evaluates applicants based on their academic performance, leadership qualities, community involvement, and commitment to Pakistan’s development.

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