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The University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarships

Applications for The University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarships are now invited. The deadline for this program falls in January. The University of Oulu, located in the stunning expanse of Northern Finland, ranks as one of the biggest universities in the nation and serves as a center for academic achievement and research. It has worked hard over the years to draw some of the best minds from all over the world because it understands the value of diversity and international collaboration. The University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship is one of its finest initiatives in this direction.

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The University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarships Introduction

The International Master’s Scholarship at the University of Oulu is more than simply a financial perk. It also serves as a gateway to opportunities and a sign of the university’s dedication to promoting cross-cultural academic exchange. This scholarship provides access to an unmatched experience for international students looking for a balance of demanding academics, cultural exposure, and a dash of Finnish magic.

Historical Context

Founded many years ago, the University of Oulu quickly recognized the importance of incorporating diverse viewpoints into its academic environment. Subsequently, the International Master’s Scholarship emphasizes the value of international educational exchange, further illustrating this forward-thinking perspective.

Scholarship Objective

The University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship primarily targets non-EU/EEA students applying to the university’s master’s degree program. Additionally, the scholarship’s two main goals are as follows:

  • Promotion of Global Diversity: The University fosters a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and scholarly viewpoints on campus by providing scholarships to students from various geographic backgrounds.
  • Talent Attraction and Retention: By offering financial incentives, the University of Oulu ensures it attracts top-notch students who might otherwise face financial restrictions.

Scholarships Benefits

  1. Waiver of Tuition Fees: A reduction in tuition fees of 50% to 100%.
  2. Duration: Two academic years worth of coverage.
  3. Academic Excellence: Having access to elite faculty and facilities.
  4. Networking: Opportunities for networking with peers, alumni, and professionals.
  5. Research Opportunities: Access to labs, projects, and assistantships provide research opportunities.
  6. Cultural Exposure: Take in the Northern Lights and Finnish customs.
  7. Career boost: A scholarship accomplishment will help your career.
  8. Post-Study Opportunities: Possibility of employment in Finland upon graduation from college.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Nationality: Applicants must not be citizens of the EU or EEA and must not be in possession of a residence visa in Finland.
  2. Admission: Candidates must gain admission to one of the international master’s programs that the University of Oulu offers.
  3. Academic Excellence: A strong record in school with possible signs like grades and other accomplishments in the field.
  4. Language Proficiency: Meet the program’s language requirements, which are frequently met by taking tests like the IELTS or TOEFL.

Application Process

To be qualified for the scholarship, applicants must first be accepted into the University of Oulu’s master’s program. Once they have been approved, they can next use the University’s specific online application to apply. The candidates go through a strict selection procedure which takes their academic success and their capacity to make a difference in the world as leaders in account.

Living in Oulu

Scholars not only benefit from high-quality education but also from the unique experience of living in Oulu. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, Oulu offers a blend of urban sophistication and proximity to nature. Whether it’s the allure of the Northern Lights or the vibrant tech scene driven by the city’s innovation ecosystem, Oulu provides an enriching backdrop for scholars.


The University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarships application season runs from January 4, 2024, through January 18, 2024.

Official Website

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