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Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarships 2024

Northwestern Polytechnical University offers a variety of scholarships for international students, covering tuition, accommodation, and living allowance.

Applications are invited for the Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarships 2024. The Last Date To Apply for the Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarships is 15 February 2024. Northwestern Polytechnical University provides worldwide scholarships to students from other countries. Depending on the degree you are taking classes in at Northwestern Polytechnical University, you are going to be taught in Chinese or English. The Chinese Ministry of Education built the Chinese University Program, a full scholarship program, to help Chinese universities in particular provinces or autonomous areas accept deserving foreign students for graduate study in China.

Northwestern Polytechnical University, situated in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, is a National Key University supervised by the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Beijing is the location of the main campus. The duration of study for a master’s degree is two to three years, while a doctorate degree takes three to four years.

About Northwestern Polytechnical University

Located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is a multi-disciplinary, research-oriented, and open-ended national key university in China that cultivates talents in aeronautics, astronautics, and marine technology engineering. Affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, it is a national “first-class” university (A class). In 1960, it was designated as a national key university by the State Council and listed as one of the 15 key universities in China by the State Council in the 7th and 8th Five-Year Plans.

It was also one of the first universities to enter “Project 211” in 1995 and “Project 985” in 2001. NPU adheres to the motto “Loyalty, Integrity, Courage, and Perseverance” while carrying forward the spirit of “Strong Preparation, Diligent Effort, Practical Attitude, and Creative Innovation.

NPU has put its roots down in the West and dedicated itself to national defense by determining the school philosophy of “Five as” (students as the root, education as the foundation, scholars as the key, scholars as the soul, and responsibility as the priority) to root in the West and dedicate to national defense. It has written several “firsts” into the history of the PRC. Now NPU will continue to pioneer new pathways into the future in the process of building a world-class university and world-class disciplines.

Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarships Details

  • University: Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • Country: China
  • Study Level: Master and PhD
  • Deadline: 15 February 2024

Foundation Program

It is a vibrant metropolis with cool, mountainous countryside. A hospitable multicultural place offers a diversity of cultures, religions, and appetites. With its substantial industrial system, mature urban growth, and scenic tourism based on tradition, science, and technological strength. Xian has become a key research. education, technology, industrial, and tourism base in China.

Xian experiences year-round pleasant weather ranging from a blooming spring to a bright summer.a crisp autumn to a shivery winter with moderate rainfalls and occasional snowfall, With its massive shopping centers, and delicious food streets. spacious parks, historical monuments, and colossal mountain ranges; the exquisiteness of Xi’ a will mesmerize you to build memories of a lifetime.

Exchange Program 

Located in the historical and ancient city of Xi’an, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) ranks as a Category A university, as it evolves rapidly with state-of-the-art innovative technologies. With NPU’s remarkable history that dates as far back as 1938, the university was designated as a national key university and among the selected few universities that were firstly classified into the “211 Project” in 1995 and later also became a part of the “985 Project” in 2001.

NPU has always adhered to the philosophy of “students as root, education as foundation, scholars as priority, academics as soul and responsibility as core,” and it insists on the “three-in-one cultivation approach of value shaping, ability training, and knowledge imparting.

 Fee Structure

Program学费Tuition fee申请费Application fee保险费Insurance住宿费Accommodation
本科Undergraduate英文授课:22000人民币/年English medium: 22,000 CNY/Year600人民币(不予退还)600 CNY (Non-refundable)800人民币/年800 CNY/Year7200人民币/年(双人间)7,200 CNY/Year (Double Room) 10800人民币/年(单人间)10,800 CNY/Year (Single Room) 
中文授课:20000人民币/年Chinese medium: 20,000 CNY/Year
硕士Master30000人民币/年30,000 CNY/Year
博士Ph.D38000人民币/年38,000 CNY/Year
汉语言Chinese Program 7500人民币/学期;7,500 RMB/Semester15000人民币/年15,000 RMB /Year
预科Foundation Program  零基础课程:25000人民币/年;Zero-based Intensive Courses:25,000 CNY/year;提高课程:15000人民币/学期Concentrated Improving Courses:15,000 CNY/ semester
交流项目Exchange Program合作高校提名学生可免Nominated by the partner universities can get the fee wavier
 Fee Structure

Documents Required

  • A clearly scanned copy of the personal information page on the valid passport in color.
  • The passport should be valid till October 30, 2022. Applicants currently living in mainland China are also required to provide a scanned copy of their current valid visa page or residence permit page.
  • If a passport is not available at the time of application, the personal information page of the national ID card can temporarily be used for the application. Please note that a valid passport is one of the required materials for admission, and applicants should provide it as soon as possible.  
  • A clearly scanned copy of the high school graduation certificate.
  • A scanned copy of the pre-graduation certificate is required if the applicant has not yet earned the high school graduation certificate. Please resubmit the original high school graduation certificate or original notarized high school graduation certificate prior to registration.
  • A scanned copy of the high school academic transcript for the entire high school period.
  • A Self-Introduction on the prescribed form (click here to download the template form for Self-introduction ).
  • Proof of Chinese or English proficiency.
  • Applicants who have met the following criteria are not required to fulfill language requirements:
  • Native Chinese speakers applying for programs offered in the Chinese Language.
  • Native English speakers applying for programs offered in the English Language.

Undergraduate Programs

  • College
  • Major
  • Medium
  • School of Aeronautics
  • Aerospace Engineering Hot
  • English
  • School of Astronautics
  • Aerospace Engineering  Hot
  • English
  • School of Marine Science and Technology
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • English
  • School of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Chinese
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • English
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering  Hot
  • English
  • School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Civil Engineering  Hot
  • English
  • School of Electronics and Information
  • Electronics and Information Engineering  Hot
  • English
  • Communication Engineering
  • Chinese
  • School of Automation
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • Chinese
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • English
  • School of Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Technology Hot
  • English
  • E-Commerce New
  • English
  • School of Management
  • Business Administration  Hot
  • English
  • School of Public Policy and Administration
  • International Economics and Trade  Hot
  • Chinese
  • Law
  • Chinese
  • Administration Management New
  • Chinese
  • School of Software
  • Software Engineering
  • Chinese
  • School of Life Sciences
  • Biotechnology  Hot
  • English
  • Biotechnology
  • Chinese
  • School of Foreign Studies
  • English
  • English
  • School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering and Technology
  • Chinese

Chinese Government Scholarships

In order to promote mutual understanding, cooperation, and exchanges in various fields between China and other countries, the Chinese government has set up a series of scholarship programs to sponsor international students, teachers, and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities.

Chinese Government Scholarship Programs

Bilateral Program

This includes full or partial scholarships in accordance with the educational exchange agreements or consensus between the Chinese government and governments of other countries, institutions, universities, or international organizations. It supports undergraduate students, graduate students, general scholars, and senior scholars. Applicants shall apply to the dispatching authorities for overseas study of their home countries.

Chinese University Program

This is a full scholarship for designated Chinese universities and certain provincial education offices in specific provinces or autonomous regions to recruit outstanding international students for graduate studies in China. It only supports undergraduates, postgraduate students, and doctoral students. Applicants shall apply to the designated Chinese universities undertaking this program.

Supporting Categories

Chinese Government Scholarship programs sponsor international students, teachers, and scholars to undertake degree studies (bachelor, master, and PhD) and Chinese language study or academic research in institutions of higher education in China.


Chinese Government Scholarship covers both major study and Chinese language (preparatory) study. The table below illustrates the duration of each program.

Supporting CategoriesMajor Study (year)Chinese Language (Preparatory Study) (year)Duration ofScholarship (year)
Undergraduate students4-51- 24-7
Master’s students2-31- 22-5
Doctoral students3-41- 23-6
General scholarsup to 1up to 1up to 2
Senior scholarsup to 1up to 1up to 2

NPU President Scholarship

  • The NPU President Scholarship is divided into three levels.
  • First-level winners are exempt from tuition fees, accommodation fees, and living allowances.
  • Living allowances:
  • Undergraduate: 1500RMB/month*12months
  • Master: 2000RMB/month*12months
  • PhD: 3500RMB/month
  • Second-level winners are exempt from tuition fees.
  • Third-level winners are exempt from a 50% tuition fee.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be of non-Chinese nationality and in good health.
  • Must be an International Student out of China, or graduates of Chinese universities are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Excellent performance in study.
  • Applicants should have good ability in scientific research
  • Applicants for Master’s degree students must be under the age of 35, and doctoral degree students must be under the age of 40.

Financial Coverage 

  • Full tuition fee
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance
  • Accommodation Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • Monthly stipend for  Master (3000 RMB) for doctoral Students (3500RMB).

Available Fields

Northwestern Polytechnical University offers many degree programs in English as well as in Chinese for Master’s and Ph.D. Degree Students.

Language Requirements

  • Chinese medium courses: report of HSK4 or above (score: 210 or above, valid for two years), English level certificate.
  • English medium courses: IELTS (5.5 or above) or TOEFL (80 or above) report (valid for two years); Or English proficiency certificate provided by previous academic institutions.

Agency Number

The agency number of Northwestern Polytechnical University is “10699”. Type B

Application Deadline

The Last Date To Apply for the Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarships is 15 February 2024.

How To Apply?

The official website is the best place to go if you want to learn more about Joint Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarships. There is thorough information about the courses and programs that are offered. There are a ton of other things, such as campus life, student amenities, and the policies and procedures surrounding admissions. Find out more about the faculty, researchers, and community service programs at the university. Student handbooks and academic calendars are also accessible to website users. Whether you’re a prospective or current student, or just inquisitive. Click this link to view the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for NPU scholarships?

Eligibility for NPU scholarships varies depending on the specific scholarship. However, in general, applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with valid passports, have good physical and mental health, have a strong academic record, and meet the language proficiency requirements for their chosen program.

How do I apply for an NPU scholarship?

The application process for NPU scholarships varies depending on the specific scholarship. However, most scholarships require applicants to submit an online application form, as well as supporting documents such as transcripts, recommendation letters, and a personal statement.

What is the deadline for applying for NPU scholarships?

The Last Date To Apply for the Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarships is 15 February 2024.

What does an NPU scholarship cover?

The coverage of NPU scholarships varies depending on the specific scholarship. However, most scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation fees, and a living allowance.

How do I maintain my NPU scholarship?

To maintain an NPU scholarship, students must maintain a good academic record and meet the scholarship’s requirements for participation in extracurricular activities.

What are the benefits of receiving an NPU scholarship?

There are many benefits to receiving an NPU scholarship, including financial support, the opportunity to study at a world-class university, and the chance to experience Chinese culture.

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