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UWest Scholarship at University of West

UWest Scholarship at University of West is organized for International students to uplift and motivate them to study in the USA. After all this institution has established to encourage and motivate outstanding students to pursue and complete their educational studies at the University of West.

University of West:

The University of West is a private university located in California. It was established Since 1990, many international students are already studying in the USA. Following most students study bachelor’s and graduate degree programs in the field of business administration. Students can also study any kind of academic field offered by University of West.

More About UWest Scholarship at University of West:

Host Country: USA

Host University: University of West

Financial Assistance: Funded University of West Scholarships

Degree Level: Bachelor | Graduate

Benefits of

  • UWest Scholarship covers tuition fees.
  • This scholarship overall covers tuition and fees.
  • The award amount is $1,000 per semester or $2,000 maximum per academic year.

How to Apply for UWest Scholarship at University of West

  • Students can apply by submitting and completing the UWest Financial Aid Application form.
  • Also, complete the University of the West International Student Supplemental Application for financial aid.
  • All required documents must be submitted in time.

Deadline to Apply for UWest Scholarship:

The application Deadline to apply for UWest Scholarship is 1 April.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to apply for scholarship in University of West of Scotland?

You must have completed one year of study at UWS undergraduate level and have applied to study at one of our Scottish campuses. The offer applies to full-time Masters courses only; it does not apply to PGDE, MEng, Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma courses. Application: Awarded automatically.

Deans Scholarship at University of West

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