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University Of Manitoba Scholarships 2024

The University of Manitoba offers a range of scholarships to support students in pursuing their education and achieving academic excellence.

Applications are invited for the University of Manitoba Scholarships 2024. The application deadline to apply for the University of Manitoba scholarships is 01 October 2024. The International Student Bursary Scholarships Program is a global scholarship program. University of Manitoba undergraduate scholarship program are available to students from abroad.

About the University of Manitoba

Public research university The University of Manitoba was established in 1877 in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is one of the significant institutions in Manitoba and ranks as the 17th largest university in Canada. One of the most esteemed and highly regarded colleges is well-known in Canada and worldwide.

An undergraduate scholarship program is available to students from abroad via the University of Manitoba. As a result, students can pursue bachelor’s degrees in Canada while supervised by highly experienced experts. Supporting overseas students is the goal of the University of Manitoba’s undergraduate international scholarship program.

University Of Manitoba Scholarships 2024 Details

  • Host Country: Canada
  • Host University: University of Manitoba
  • Financial Assistance: Funded
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate Studies

Academic Field of Study

  • Bachelor of Aboriginal Business Studies
  •  Bachelors of Aboriginal Governance
  •  Bachelors of Accounting
  •  Bachelors of Actuarial Mathematics – Business
  •  Bachelors of Actuarial Mathematics – Science
  •  Bachelors of Agribusiness
  •  Bachelors of Agriculture
  •  Bachelor of Agriculture Diploma
  •  Bachelors of Agroecology
  •  Bachelors of Agronomy
  •  Bachelors of Animal Systems
  •  Bachelors of Anthropology
  •  Bachelors of Applied Mathematics
  •  Bachelors of Architecture (Masters)
  •  Bachelors of Chemistry
  •  Bachelors of City Planning (Master)
  •  Bachelors of Civil Engineering
  •  Bachelors of Classical Studies
  •  Bachelors of Classics
  •  Bachelors of Commerce
  •  Bachelors of Computer Engineering
  •  Bachelors of Computer Science
  •  Bachelors of Cree
  •  Bachelors of Criminology
  •  Bachelors of Dental Hygiene
  •  Bachelors of Dentistry
  •  Bachelors of Environmental Design
  •  Bachelors of Environmental Science
  •  Bachelors of Environmental Studies
  •  Bachelors of Family Social Sciences
  •  Bachelors of Film Studies
  •  Bachelors of Finance
  •  Bachelors of Fine Arts
  •  Bachelors of Food Science
  •  Bachelors in French
  •  Bachelors of Genetics
  •  Bachelors of Geography
  •  Bachelors of Geological Sciences
  •  Bachelors of Geology
  •  Bachelors of Geophysics
  •  Bachelors in German
  •  Bachelors of Global Political Economy
  •  Bachelors of Graphic Design
  •  Bachelors in Greek
  •  Bachelors of Health Sciences
  •  Bachelors of Health Studies
  •  Bachelors of Drama
  •  Bachelors of Drawing
  •  Bachelors of Economics
  •  Bachelors of Education – Bachelor of Education
  •  Bachelors of Education – Post Baccalaureate
  •  Bachelors of Electrical Engineering
  •  Bachelors of Engineering
  •  Bachelors of English
  •  Bachelors of Entomology
  •  Bachelors of Entrepreneurship/Small Business
  •  Bachelors of Art
  •  Bachelors of Art History
  •  Bachelors of Asian Studies
  •  Bachelors of Astronomy
  •  Bachelors of Athletic Therapy
  •  Bachelors of Biochemistry
  •  Bachelors of Biological Sciences
  •  Bachelors of Biosystems Engineering
  •  Bachelors of Biotechnology
  •  Bachelors of Business
  •  Bachelors of History
  •  Bachelors of Human Nutritional Sciences
  •  Bachelors of Human Resource Management / Industrial Relations
  •  Bachelors in Icelandic
  •  Bachelors of Interior Design (Masters)
  •  Bachelors of International Business
  •  Bachelors in Italian
  •  Bachelors of Jazz Studies
  •  Bachelors of Judaic Studies
  •  Bachelors of Kinesiology
  •  Bachelors of Labour Studies
  •  Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (Master)
  •  Bachelors in Latin
  •  Bachelors of Latin American Studies
  •  Bachelors of Law
  •  Bachelors of Leadership and Organizations
  •  Bachelors of Linguistics
  •  Bachelors of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  •  Bachelors of Management
  •  Bachelors of Management Information Systems
  •  Bachelors of Marketing
  •  Bachelors of Mathematics
  •  Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering
  •  Bachelors of Medicine
  •  Bachelors of Medieval & Renaissance Studies
  •  Bachelors of Microbiology
  •  Bachelors of Music
  •  Bachelors of Music Composition
  •  Bachelors of Music Education
  •  Bachelors of Music History
  •  Bachelors of Music Performance
  •  Bachelors of Native Studies
  •  Bachelors of Nursing
  •  Bachelors of Occupational Therapy (Master)
  •  Bachelors of Ojibway
  •  Bachelors of Operations Management/Research
  •  Bachelors of Painting
  •  Bachelors of Pharmacy
  •  Bachelors of Philosophy
  •  Bachelors of Photography
  •  Bachelors of Physical Education
  •  Bachelors of Physical Geography
  •  Bachelors of Physical Therapy (Master)
  •  Bachelors of Physics
  •  Bachelors of Plant Biotechnology
  •  Bachelors in Polish
  •  Bachelors of Political Studies
  •  Bachelors of Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  •  Bachelors in Print Media
  •  Bachelors of Psychology – Arts
  •  Bachelors of Psychology – Science
  •  Bachelors of Recreation Management and Community Development
  •  Bachelors of Religion
  •  Bachelors of Respiratory Therapy
  •  Bachelors in Russian
  •  Bachelors of Science
  •  Bachelors of Sculpture
  •  Bachelors of Social Work
  •  Bachelors of Sociology
  •  Bachelors of Soil Science
  •  Bachelors in Spanish
  •  Bachelors of Statistics
  •  Bachelors of Theatre
  •  Bachelors in Ukrainian
  •  Bachelors of Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Studies
  •  Bachelors in Video
  •  Bachelors of Women’s & Gender Studies
  •  Bachelors of Canadian Studies
  •  Bachelors of Catholic Studies
  • Bachelors of Central & East European Studies
  • Bachelors of Ceramics

Scholarship Value

Are you considering attending school in Canada? Then, Canada provides students worldwide with various foreign scholarship programmes. The University of Manitoba provides undergraduate scholarships for overseas students that cover the following:

Each year, the $240,000 scholarship fund is split among all scholarship recipients.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student must be from another country.
  • Undergraduate degree programmes are required for students.
  • Each term, a student must finish at least 60 percent of the required coursework for their degree.
  • must have strong academic credentials, i.e., at least a 2.0 high school GPA.


The application deadline to apply for the University of Manitoba scholarships is 01 October 2024.

How To Apply?

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, or just curious to learn more about the university, the official website is a great place to start. Click here to view the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of scholarships are available at the University of Manitoba?

The University of Manitoba offers a wide range of scholarships, including entrance scholarships, merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, graduate scholarships, and specific scholarships for various fields of study.

How do I apply for scholarships at the University of Manitoba?

To apply for scholarships at the University of Manitoba, you generally need to complete the general application for admission. Some scholarships may require additional applications or supporting documents. The university’s scholarship website provides detailed information on the application process.

What are the eligibility criteria for scholarships at the University of Manitoba?

Eligibility criteria for scholarships at the University of Manitoba vary depending on the specific scholarship. Some scholarships may consider academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, community service, financial need, or other factors. Review the specific requirements for each scholarship to determine eligibility.

What is the deadline for scholarship applications at the University of Manitoba?

The application deadline to apply for the University of Manitoba undergraduate scholarship program is 01 October 2024.

How are scholarship recipients selected at the University of Manitoba?

The selection process for scholarships at the University of Manitoba varies depending on the scholarship. Typically, selection committees review applications and consider factors such as academic achievements, personal statements, reference letters, and other relevant criteria. Each scholarship has its selection criteria and process.

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