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Queen Mary University Scholarships in UK 2024

Fully Funded Scholarship Position for International Students to work and Study in UK on Fully Funded Scholarship

Applications are available for the Queen Mary University Scholarships 2024. It’s an incredible opportunity for prospective students who wish to explore the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning during their study. You’ll benefit from world-class teaching and gain valuable insights into the advanced concepts of AI and ML. With expert guidance from renowned industry professionals, you’ll get an immersive learning experience that will set you up for success in your chosen career path. Don’t let this chance pass you by – apply today and take advantage of this amazing scholarship program!

Queen Mary University of London is taking a proactive step to foster and encourage diversity in postgraduate education with the DeepMind Scholarship. The scholarship provides financial aid to female and/or black students who are pursuing studies in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Science. This scholarship program serves as an engaging opportunity for talented individuals who might otherwise be unable to attend due to financial constraints. Furthermore, it is likely that these students will reap multiple rewards with the backing of this prestigious program – including access to unique opportunities, personal advancement, and skills development. Ultimately, such initiatives demonstrate important advances in the overall movement towards increased equity in higher education and open pathways for underrepresented groups all over the world.

The Queen Mary University of London is a world-renowned university in London, England, well known for its research-oriented curriculum. The academic experience at this university will be exceptional, and scholars will have access to best-in-class facilities throughout their stay.

Queen Mary University

Short Summary of DeepMind Scholarship in the UK 2024:

  • Scholarship Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Host University: Queen Mary University.
  • Course Level: Master’s level
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Who is eligible? International students
  • Deadline: 5 June 2024

What are the Benefits of DeepMind Scholarship UK 2024:

  • Each student will receive a scholarship that covers the cost of tuition, i.e. Euro £12,250.
  • The cost of tuition for international students is Euro £28,950.
  • Students are provided with a living allowance of Euro 15,480.
  • An annual travel scholarship is provided in the amount of Euro £2,200.
  • One-off equipment grant of Euro £1,700.

Eligibility Criteria of the Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship:

  • All nationalities are welcome to apply to either the UK or international students.
  • Students who are female or who belong to any underrepresented group, especially black students, should be considered.
  • Candidates should belong to one of the following ethnicities: Black or/and White African, Black or/and White Caribbean, or other mixed backgrounds.
  • A candidate must have a confirmed offer to study in any of the available courses.

Supporting Documents:

  • Application form.
  • CV
  • Offer letter.
  • Personal statement


The application deadline to apply for the Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship 2024 in the UK is 5 June 2024.

What is the application process for Queen Mary University’s DeepMind Scholarship?

  • Check the eligibility criteria: Before applying for the scholarship, it’s important to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. The scholarship is available to UK and EU students who are applying for the MSc in Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London. The scholarship is awarded based on academic excellence, research potential, and passion for the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Apply for the MSc Program at Queen Mary University of London: To be considered for the DeepMind Scholarship, you must first apply and be accepted into one of the following programmes MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. You can apply for the programme online through the Queen Mary University of London website.
  • Submit a scholarship application: Once you have applied for one of the following programmes MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Computer Science, you can submit a scholarship application by selecting “DeepMind Scholarship” in the scholarship/grant name field in the funding section of the MSc application. You will also need to provide additional information, such as your academic qualifications, personal statement, and any relevant research experience.
  • Await a decision: The successful candidate(s) will be notified by email, and the scholarship will be awarded to them. Applicants will receive notification of the outcome by 31 July 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much scholarship can I get in Queen Mary University?

If you are a Queen Mary graduate, you may be eligible for £1,000 off your postgraduate degree tuition fees for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry or a 10% discount for program in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and program in Faculty of Science and Engineering.

How much GPA do you need to get a scholarship?

Some scholarship committees only consider applicants whose GPA meets a certain threshold. Minimum requirements range from around 2.0 on the lower end to 3.75 or higher for competitive academic scholarships. Generally speaking, a 3.0 GPA or higher will give you a decent shot at qualifying for a variety of scholarships.

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