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Point Park University Scholarships 2024

Point Park University offers a wide range of merit-based scholarships based on academic and/or artistic achievement.

Applications are invited for the Point Park University Scholarships 2024. The Last date to apply for the Point Park University Scholarships has not been announced yet. Registration fees are not charged to students. Over 90 undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered by Point Park University’s five schools, which include the School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, School of Communication, School of Education, and Conservatory of Performing Arts.

The US government offers a number of scholarships each year to students from all around the world. International students at all academic levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and transfer, are eligible to apply for our privately financed merit rewards. Depending on your academic standing and an acceptable TOEFL/IELTS score, you may still be eligible for a scholarship if you are a student from a nation where English is not the major language of instruction.

Some of our undergraduate academic achievement awards may cover the cost of tuition and fees in full. Merit aid is intended to help with the expense of tuition and fees. Here is a list of the scholarships offered to international students, along with a description of each one’s qualifications. The complete information about the Point Park University Scholarships 2024 in the USA may be found below.

About Point Park University

The private institution Point Park Institution is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is a tiny university with 2,749 undergraduate students enrolled. The university has an average acceptance rate and average tuition prices. Wikipedia states that Point Park College was formerly called Point Park University. In 2004, the school’s name was modified to more accurately reflect the various graduate programs offered by the institution.

It is a tiny university with 2,749 undergraduate students enrolled. The university has an average acceptance rate and average tuition prices. Wikipedia states that Point Park College was formerly called Point Park University. In 2004, the school’s name was modified to more accurately reflect the various graduate programs offered by the institution. In addition, it received rankings of #60 in the Best Colleges for the Performing Arts in America and #58 in the Best College Locations in America.

Point Park University Scholarships Details

  • Scholarship Country: United States (USA)
  • Host Institute: Point Park University
  • Course Level: Undergraduate Degrees
  • Financial Coverage: Funded
  • Who is eligible? International Students
  • Deadline Date: Open Now

Academic Resources

Every student at Point Park University is encouraged to reach their greatest potential. We are dedicated to giving you the resources you require to succeed, both in college and beyond. Point Park has a Center for Student Success that can help students with registration, changing their major, adjusting to college life, and university support services, among other things. The objective is to accommodate your particular needs as you progress toward earning a degree.

Do you require assistance with research paper writing? The library at Point Park can assist with all of this and more. To help you, the library offers a wide range of research and reference services, such as customized research consultations, as well as a wealth of print materials and online databases.

Point Park University is a JED campus, which we can say with pride. In order to enhance the mental health and well-being of students, PPU joined the JED Campus program in the autumn of 2020. The Jed Foundation (JED) launched the program, a national initiative, to assist schools in assessing and improving their mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention programs and systems. The goal is to make sure that schools have the best possible mental health safety nets. Point Park exhibits its dedication to the psychological health of its students by joining the JED Campus.

Center for Student Success

At the center of a coordinated, campus-wide effort to assist freshmen in earning their degree in four years is the university’s Center for Student Success. The center also cares about the success of our transfer students and helps them finish their Point Park programs of study on time. Students at Point Park engage closely with a student success coordinator and a faculty adviser as part of the Pathways to Success program. These individuals offer the vital assistance and direction required for students to grow as people, as scholars, and as professionals.

Meeting the milestones for Pathways to Success guarantees that our Point Park students are:

  • Making timely progress toward their degree
  • Utilizing academic and other support resources
  • Working closely with the Career Development Center to craft resumes, secure internships and practice interview skills
  • Developing academic and professional networks through their faculty advisor

Academic Support and Guidance

Each undergraduate student at Point Park who has declared a major is paired with a professor in that field who acts as a professional and academic mentor. The student’s principal source for information on the choice of major-related courses in relation to career aspirations, graduate school alternatives, internship and employment prospects, and professional networking is the faculty adviser.

Students are helped with the academic process by student success coordinators, who also keep track of degree progress to ensure prompt graduation. The Center for Student Success also works closely with students who aren’t sure what they want to major in to help them discover degrees that best suit their interests, both professionally and personally.

For all students, the CSS staff can help with topics including:

  • Transitioning to college life
  • Staying on track for graduation
  • Learning to use PointWeb, Point Park’s online student information hub
  • Changing a major
  • Declaring a double major or minor
  • Planning summer courses
  • Improving study skills
  • Finding a manageable work-life-school balance

Accessibility Services

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) at Point Park University exists to address existing or future challenges on campus connected to handicaps. We help campus by using pertinent laws (such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504), progressive disability models (such as social models and disability justice), and, most crucially, students’ actual experiences as our models:

  • providing one-on-one access consultation to students to determine eligible, reasonable accommodation within the student’s specific context.
  • leading campus by developing access-related policies.
  • educating the campus on disability rights, identity, and allyship.
  • collaborating with university offices and entities to ensure alignment with current accessibility standards.

OAS is excited to partner with all Point Park students regardless of their instructional mode (in-person or online programs), their full- or part-time status, their school of study, or even to discuss on-campus employment-related concerns. NOTE: OAS only discusses non-benefits eligible student employment concerns, including graduate assistantships, work-study, internships, apprenticeships, and other part-time, on-campus student positions. If you are classified as a part-time or full-time employee by HR, please contact Sharon Berardelli ( to explore reasonable employment accommodation.

For more information on registering for Accessibility Services, please go to the Registering with Accessibility Services page.

Services Appeals Process

  • If there is no satisfactory resolution at the informal step, the student must submit a written letter to the representative of the Office of the Provost, explaining the accommodation decision, the reason for the appeal and the requested remedy. The Office of the Provost’s representative will review the appeal, determine whether to either support or overturn the original decision and send a written response within seven calendar days after receiving the appeal. The student has the right to meet with the Office of the Provost’s representative prior to the written response.
  • The student may appeal in writing the Office of the Provost’s representative response within seven calendar days of the postmark of the Office of the Provost’s representative response. The Office of the Provost’s representative will convene a meeting of an appropriately trained appeals committee within 14 calendar days of receiving the appeal. The appeals committee will consist of representatives from at least two of the following areas: faculty, Office of Human Resources, Office of the Provost, or Physical Plant Department. The student has the right to present their case before this committee. The student will receive a written notification of the decision of the appeals committee within 14 calendar days after the committee has met.
  • There is no appeal within the University beyond the appeals committee.

Student Life

It takes years of diligent study. Individualized support and encouragement are provided. It’s securing the hope for a prosperous future. But the years spent here are much more than the work that goes into getting a diploma – they’re the four most memorable years of your life.

Commuter Resources

We know that commuter students approach school differently than those who live on campus. That’s why we offer resources to make life easier as a commuter, from arranging transportation and parking to knowing where to eat to finding a place to relax between classes.

Living on Campus

We provide safe, comfortable, amenity-rich housing alternatives on our distinctive urban campus, whether this is your first time living away from home or you’ve always been an independent, free spirit.

Why Live On Campus?

The true college experience doesn’t just happen in classes. It happens on the way to the dining hall with your friends, it happens at a late-night movie in your residence hall, and it happens while you’re up late studying with a classmate. It’s what happens when you live on campus.

You’ll find:

  • People experiencing the same things as you
  • Friendships and camaraderie
  • Insights through Intentional Programming
  • Guidance and mentorship from your Resident Educator


While “convenience” sums up the main reason for living on campus, it is so much more. Living on campus means you can spend more time on what matters instead of transportation and bills. Within a short walking distance from your residence hall, you’ll find great places to eat and shop, world-champion sporting events, unique museums and inspiring performances. Not to mention fun outdoor activities along our three rivers.

Student Activities

Through on- and off-campus activities, involvement in student organizations, and deliberate leadership initiatives, the Office of Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership (SAIL) aims to give students the chance to build their leadership skills, develop meaningful college experiences, and connect with the campus community.

SAIL Learning Outcomes

  • Build a sense of university community through involvement in student organizations.
  • Produce social, cultural, educational, and civic programs through the Campus Activities Board.
  • Create student leadership roles and experiences to assist students in developing marketable skills and abilities.
  • Simplify processes for student organizations to ensure a thriving and active campus.
  • Develop a Campus Activities Board experience tailored to student growth and development of interpersonal skills and critical thinking habits.

Student Well-Being 

Sometimes things happen ­– you don’t feel well and want to see a nurse or need a doctor’s appointment. Maybe you feel stressed, or sad or you’re having a hard time adjusting to changes in your life and want someone to talk to. Maybe you have questions about your own spiritual life.

Or perhaps you want to learn more about yourself or rise to a new challenge of personal growth. Maybe you’re looking for some academic support, like a tutor for that difficult class, or you want help with developing your career goals.

Health and well-being are directly related to achieving your goals and getting through tough times. This is true for individuals and communities, alike. Learning to take care of yourself and your community is an important part of the college experience and will provide you with skills that will benefit you throughout your life and career.

The good thing is that we are here to help. Point Park has dedicated professional staff and trained peers to help you, whether you need assistance with a health issue, are looking for guidance with your studies or career plans or just need someone to talk to.

If you are not sure where to turn, you can reach out to any support department and they can help you get to the right place. You can start with ANYONE you trust – a friend, family member, staff or faculty at Point Park. Anyone with whom you feel safe. They can help you find the right next step.

University Counseling Center

At present, the center is able to provide a combination of in-person and online services. Please review the information on this website to learn about the range of services offered. We ask that you call or email our office to request service rather than walk in.

For all in-person services, we require students to wear a mask when appropriate and comply with university guidelines for physical distancing and contamination control. All therapists at the UCC will be practicing the same protective actions.

We offer a range of online services, including workshops, mindfulness classes, consultation and tele-therapy. While some of these services are available to any interested student, tele-therapy may not be available to students for whom this modality is not appropriate. You can discuss options with a therapist in consultation and determine what’s best for you.

If you need support in the moment, we encourage you to call Resolve Crisis Center at 888-796-8226, or 988 to reach the National Suicide Hotline. If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, call Public Safety at 412-392-3960 or 911 if you are off campus.

Mental Health and Well-Being

The Point Park University Counseling Center (UCC) addresses the mental health needs of the university community through a variety of services. We offer a secure, private setting where students can discuss their personal or academic worries. Through increased self-awareness and psychological insight, we work to support students’ ability for psychological development and maturation

The UCC offers mental health services at no cost to all enrolled students, whether full- or part-time, commuter or resident. Students come to the UCC for a variety of reasons. In some cases students use therapy for self-exploration as a way to better understanding themselves. Some students are looking for emotional or psychological support to learn how to deal with a psychological difficulty. It does not matter if what you are going through seems big or small to you; let’s talk about it!

The UCC supports students in a confidential and caring way. Confidential services for students include consultation, individual psychotherapy, groups, crisis support, and referrals. Our staff also provide consultation and education for students, faculty, staff, and family members to address concerns regarding the well-being of a student, and questions about our services or psychological treatment.

Spiritual Life 

The Point Park University community is inclusive of people from many different religious and spiritual traditions, as well as cultural, language, and racial backgrounds.  We are proud of our vibrant variety and understand its importance to the health and development of our neighborhood. Spiritual well-being of our students, faculty, and staff is crucial to our core values: nourishing students in their academic and personal growth, facilitating relationships of mutual respect and diversity, and fostering community engagement. We work to create a supportive environment for our community members that is culturally appropriate, open to everyone, and supports the expression of the full spectrum of our shared spiritual practices.

Pastor Jennifer McCurry serves as Point Park’s Coordinator of Spiritual Life. She provides support for students, staff and faculty of all faith backgrounds as they seek to practice or explore their faith, engage in interfaith dialogue with others, offer leadership in student organizations and campus activities and reflect on how academic work and faith traditions inform one another. You’re welcome to contact her at

Interfaith Meditation Room

Near the Point Cafe on the second floor of Lawrence Hall, Point Park has an interfaith Meditation Room that is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for individuals to pray or meditate. Please remove your shoes before entering in order to honor the sacredness of this interfaith prayer space for our whole community, as well as following posted guidelines about mask usage.

Connect with a Local Religious Community

Our campus is nestled in a diverse collection of community religious groups including campus ministries, congregations, synagogues, mosques and more.  Please see below for nearby opportunities to practice or explore your faith with others.  Pastor Jennifer McCurry is also available to help support you in finding your place.

Programs Offered

  • Business,
  • Management,
  • Marketing, and Related Support Services
  • Dance,
  • General,
  • Drama and Dramatics/Theatre,
  • Arts, General,
  • Cinematography,
  • Film/Video Production,
  • Business,
  • Administration and Management,
  • General.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be full-time freshmen in college.
  • If you have a high school diploma and meet the requirements, Point Park University will accept you for an undergraduate course.
  • Applicants must have completed Duquesne University ESL Advanced Level A with a
  • The score of TOEFL should be 500 or Advanced Level B with a TOEFL score of 500.

Required Documents

  • International Students’ Passport.
  • Statement of purpose or motivational letter.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Certificate of English Proficiency from the previous institute of education schooling.
  • If your previous degree of education was not in English, candidates will need to take the IELTS exam.

Application Deadline

The Last date to apply for the Point Park University Scholarships has not been announced yet.

How To Apply?

The best place to start if you want to learn more about Joint Notre Dame University Scholarships is the official website. There, you may discover comprehensive information about the offered courses and programs, the admissions criteria and procedure, the campus amenities, student life, and much more. Learn more about the institution’s faculty, researchers, and initiatives for community involvement. The website also provides users with access to academic calendars and student handbooks. If you’re interested in learning more about the university, whether you’re a prospective or current student or just curious, go to its official website. To visit the website, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Point Park give scholarships?

Scholarships for Current Academic Year Scholarships for the 2023-24 Academic Year. The excellent merit-based scholarships available from Point Park University are based on academic and/or creative achievement. Scholarships are a type of gift aid that doesn’t require repayment.

Does Point University offer scholarships?

Point University is proud to offer several scholarship opportunities for every student. Click on the boxes below to see which scholarship is right for you!

What are the eligibility criteria for Point Park University scholarships?

Eligibility criteria for Point Park University scholarships vary depending on the specific scholarship. However, most scholarships require applicants to have a minimum GPA and/or standardized test scores. Some scholarships also have additional requirements, such as demonstrating talent in a particular area or involvement in extracurricular activities.

When is the deadline to apply for scholarships at Point Park University?

The Last date to apply for the Point Park University Scholarships has not been announced yet.

How much money can I receive in scholarships from Point Park University?

The amount of money that students can receive in scholarships from Point Park University varies depending on their eligibility and the specific scholarships that they are awarded. Some scholarships cover full tuition, while others cover a portion of tuition or other expenses.

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