Miami University Presidential Fellowship 2023

Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students to Work and Study Abroad

Miami University Presidential Fellowship 2023 is open now. Higher education in the United States provides overseas students with a multitude of options unavailable anywhere else in the world due to the country’s world-class academic programs, world-class institutions, and incomparable diversity. Over a million students from other countries have decided to study in the United States in order to broaden their horizons and have access to better educational possibilities. USA Fellowship for Presidential Excellence at Miami University (2023).

International students make up over 5% of all U.S. graduate students, and this percentage is expected to expand in the coming years. Anyone, regardless of their gender or race, may study in the United States. Foreign students might get full or partial funding to study in the United States thanks to government scholarships.

As one of the eight founding Public Ivies, Miami University is well recognized for its commitment to undergraduate education. To continue this long-standing commitment to academic quality, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Presidential Fellows Program, a highly competitive fellowship. Those with a 3.78 GPA or above may apply for the Presidential Fellows Program at Miami University.

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At 200 years young, Miami University is older than all except Ohio State University and nine of the other public universities in the United States. They run their business out of Oxford, Ohio in the USA right now. The University of Miami has an “unusually strong dedication to higher education,” placing it in the top tier of American universities. This year marks the eleventh year that Miami has been officially designated as a United States territory.

In a list of the 1232 finest schools in the United States, it comes in at number 49. The Miami University scholarship in the United States is a fantastic chance for overseas students to study in the United States. International students are given all conceivable assistance by the institution.

Each year, Miami University gives these welcoming scholarships to incoming freshmen. Selected students will have access to elite undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate institutions thanks to the Presidential Fellows Program. Keep reading to get the details on Miami University’s acceptance rate, minimum GPA, admissions standards, and more.

First-year undergraduates at the University of Miami in any discipline may benefit greatly from the International Fellowship programme. There will be 15 talented and ambitious overseas students awarded this scholarship to study in the United States at Miami University to get their bachelor’s degrees and gain valuable work experience.

For first-year students at Miami University’s Oxford campus, the Presidential Fellows Program is the most prestigious financial opportunity available. Up to fifteen of the year’s most promising and accomplished students will make up this year’s inaugural class of Presidential Fellows.

Scholarship opportunities at Miami University are highly sought after, but competition is fierce. The quality of the application pool will determine the minimum required GPA for a scholarship. Scholarships worth thousands of dollars were given to 79 percent of approved overseas students who would have started their studies that coming fall.

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Info About Miami University:

As one of the eight original Public Ivies, Miami University is well admired for its dedication to undergraduate education and for the rich, engaging, and life-altering educational opportunities it provides to its students. Miami University has a long history of academic distinction, and the university is proud to continue this heritage by offering the Presidential Fellows Program to the most promising students of the twenty-first century.


4 years

Methodology for Choosing

Scholarship recipients will be chosen after an application review and an interview with the admissions committee.

In order to apply for this scholarship, what paperwork is needed to do so?

What Are The Requirements For Applying For this Scholarship?

What Is the Last Date For Submission Of the Application?

U.S. citizens interested in applying for the President’s Fellowship at Miami University should do so as follows:

Use the Common Application to submit admissions request to Miami University.

Fill out the Honors Program application carefully following the guidelines provided. Include the Prodesse Scholars Program or the Honors College at Miami University as areas of interest on the application for the Presidential Fellow Program.

Write the supplemental essay.

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