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Internet Download Manager is an essential downloading tool for academic researchers. It is required to download heavy files without fear of interruption of download in case of internet disconnection. It has many advance features. Somehow your internet connection disconnections then you can resume file from the same part where it was in the last state. It has also another advance feature that you can connect to the same file with multiple internet connections from your same IP address. You can download up to 8 simulations file parts at the same time if the server allows it. A researcher needs to download or download files for almost anyone dealing with the Internet. Since it is golden time, it is definitely desirable to reduce this loading time. There are numerous software programs to speed up and manage download that IDM (an acronym for Internet Download Manager) can be best described.

It also supports the downloading from different video websites. YouTube, Vimeo, Twiter and Dailymotion are the most popular video portals where a researcher can download video lectures of their need.

Features and Features of Internet Download Manager Software:

  • Stability in speed and thus reduce download errors
  • Resume capability or continue downloading if interrupted for various reasons
  • Advanced download queuing and scheduling
  • Get online or online videos
  • Manage file categorization and add, edit, and delete default program categorization
  • Creating speed and volume limit of download
  • Backup and restore download list
  • Supports most file sharing sites and can be downloaded directly and instantly
  • Full synchronization with all popular browsers and most non-hosted browsers ( list of supported browsers )

IDM Program Tips:

  • This app is always provided with complete flaws and is tested and used by Donnelly.
  • The Retail version is a purchased one and differs from the Trial version available at the manufacturer’s site.
  • Increasing the number of connections to over 16 connections may in some cases result in your IP being blacklisted by the file server.
  • Resume or download capability is not available on all servers, even if the link is direct.
  • To prevent downloading by this program, you can select a special key from the settings or temporarily delete the file format from the Option-> File types section; this will also be useful for adding custom format.


To Conclude we can say that Internet Download Manager or simply IDM is the must required software for the academic researchers. It shortens the times used in research by downloading the desired files in quick and fast way. Although there are many downloading applications available but recommend using IDM during educational research.

Required system:

Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Installation guide:

Install the program and then close it if it runs; it will not be enabled in System Tray. Now copy and paste the patch file in the Crack folder into the installation location and run it with Run as administrator.

Official Download links:

Download IDM

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