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Catholic University Scholarships 2024 

Catholic University offers a variety of scholarships to students based on merit, need, and other criteria.

Applications are invited for the Catholic University Scholarships 2024. The Closing date to apply Online for the Catholic University Scholarships is 12 February 2024.  Students can apply for fully funded scholarships to study undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and scholarships are available to them. Students are not required to pay a registration fee. All of the main courses and specializations, such as the humanities, business and management, the life sciences, and medicine, are available.

Every year, the Australian government awards a number of scholarships to international students. The ACU Global Excellence Scholarships 2024 are one of these awards. Students from all countries, including your own, are welcome to apply for this award.

If your prior academic experience was in English, you are not required to have an IELTS in order to be considered for this award. Only students whose earlier education was not in English are obliged to take an English language test. Don’t let this chance to be awarded a full scholarship pass you by.

About Catholic University

The Australian Catholic University (ACU), a top-ranked public university, was established in Melbourne, Australia, in 1991. Australian Catholic University (ACU) is listed in the QS Global World Rankings 2022 in position 801–1000. Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a renowned higher education center that provides services in education. In addition to having a school in Rome, it maintains seven locations in Australia. In 2018, there were 34,834 students registered at the institution. There are four faculties at ACU, and each one confers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Although research isn’t the main focus, there are ambitions to improve it. Blacktown, North Sydney, Strathfield, Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney are the eight ACU campuses in Australia. A cooperative venture between the institution and the Catholic institution of America saw the opening of the Rome Center in Rome, Italy, in 2015.

Catholic University Scholarships Details

  • Scholarship Country: Australia
  • Host Institute: Australian Catholic University (ACU)
  • Course Level: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Who is eligible? International Students
  • Deadline Date: February 12, 2024

Student Life

Your time spent outside of the classroom will determine how enjoyable your university experience will be. Our campuses provide resources to support your success as well as a variety of leisure activities so you may relax when it’s time for a study break.

We Celebrate Your Success

Avoid becoming lost in the crowd. You can build deep, meaningful relationships with the individuals who will be directing your learning at ACU. And we’ll put in a lot of effort to make sure you’re prepared for your next step when you graduate.

Gain an understanding of ACU before enrolling to help you transition successfully into student life. Attend workshops linked to your desired degree at Open Day, join up for an information session, or register for our university experience day.

While you’re studying, improve your résumé. Through professional placements and community involvement, we provide several chances for students to become career-ready. On campus, you can also submit an application for a well-paying position.

Student Fees

You receive more from choosing ACU than just a top-notch education at a reasonable cost. You benefit from the security of knowing your tuition costs before you begin and the freedom to attend classes at any of the numerous campuses throughout Australia.

We know unexpected fee increases are unwelcome. That’s why our international fees are set for the entire minimum duration of your course. We’ve made our international tuition fees easy to understand so you can plan your time with us with no surprises. Our payment processes are simple and we’re here to provide help and support.

Academic Skills Development

We know asking for help can be difficult. However, our Academic Skills Unit team has a lot of experience helping student unlock their learning potential. There are a number of ways you can take advantage of our expertise. You can take part in workshops (both online and on-campus), explore our online resources, ask an online question, drop into our office or book a consultation (either in-person or online).

Sometimes, though, the best people to get study advice from are students who have already successfully completed the unit. And that’s why we offer peer-assisted study sessions. These small-group study sessions are led by recent graduates of units that first-year students might struggle with. And, of course, our campus libraries are a great first-step resource for hints and tips on learning, studying and handing in your best work.

Campus Ministry

Our Campus Ministry team is available to greet students and staff and to provide help regardless of your religion or lack thereof. At each of our campuses, our Campus Ministry team is available to encourage you and provide insightful avenues for thinking about the important questions in life. In addition to hosting social events and offering hangout areas, we also engage in social justice and community participation and keep our doors open for when you need to talk.

Campus Ministry’s outreach accepts persons of all faith traditions and is rooted in the university’s Catholic character and the charisms of its founding religious communities.

What We Do

  • Weekday mass on campus
  • Prayer and reflection
  • Student and staff retreats
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Christian meditation
  • Rosary
  • Student faith groups
  • Explore the Catholic intellectual tradition
  • Engage with the local and universal Catholic Church
  • World Youth Day pilgrimages
  • Other pilgrimage and immersion opportunities
  • International and local speakers
  • Emergency food cupboard
  • Social justice and community engagement

Campus Liturgy And Prayer

As a Catholic university, prayer and liturgy are at the core of what we do. We have a committed group of chaplains who, along with our regional Campus Ministry teams, direct and drive the university’s prayer life. There are regular celebrations of weekday mass throughout the year, as well as occasions when our community comes together to commemorate important dates on the calendars of the Church, the university, and our country. Additionally, the Sacrament of Penance is accessible before or after mass or by appointment with the campus chaplain in your area.

Career Development Services

During your studies, begin your career. You can make use of a variety of career development activities, programs, and support services as an ACU student to improve your employability. There are several things you may do while attending college to increase your likelihood of landing a job. After completing their studies, ACU alumni have access to career guidance for up to two years.

Key Services

  • ACU CareerHub is an online portal which provides students with job opportunities, appointment bookings and event information.
  • Graduate Employment, our ACU Career Directory gives you exclusive access to graduate jobs, internships, career advice and reviews tailored to your study area.
  • Application Assist is a step-by-step process to enable students to build professional and competitive job application documents. Learning the process of developing your resume, addressing selection criteria and writing cover letters. Through this process, access resources linking you to job search strategies and program information, submit your application for review and register for professional development workshops.
  • The Careers and Employability provides appointments and online career advice, workshops and programs, employer events and connection
  • Student Jobs on Campus (SJC) provides students with the opportunity to undertake paid employment across ACU campuses while completing their studies.

Campus Facilities

You shouldn’t spend all of your university time in lecture halls. Utilize the numerous amenities located throughout our campuses to make sure that your time in college is rewarding and fulfilling.

Find Your Best Future On Campus

We’ve provided the best teaching facilities we can find on our campuses to help you make the most of your university days. That’s not all, though. There are plenty of things for you to do outside of the classroom because we want you to attain your best potential.

Our Facilities

Across our campuses, you’ll find public art galleries exhibiting student work, moot courts where our law students hone their arguments and prepare for international competitions and health science simulation labs where students get a full range of experiences before they go on placements. Plus you’ll find many more facilities designed to make your campus life as fulfilling as possible.

Publicly Accessible Gyms

Our fitness centers are useful to everyone, not just students. The general public is welcome to join our fully furnished gyms in Strathfield, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Sport Facilities

Students have access to a range of sports facilities across our campuses. They include; ovals in Brisbane and Strathfield; multipurpose courts in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne coming soon; pools in Brisbane and Canberra; and a FIFA-grade synthetic pitch in Strathfield. Students use these facilities during class, social sport and other sports events. 

Student Safety

Safety must always come first. We take your safety extremely seriously and take pride in providing a friendly workplace for everyone. Each student and member of our staff has the right to feel safe and to be treated with respect on each of our campuses. Safety is a team effort as well. Everyone can contribute, either directly or by encouraging and modelling ethical bystander behaviour.

Our Safety Commitment

We are devoted to making sure that everyone feels secure and respected on our campuses, free from bullying and prejudice. Sexual assault and harassment are not tolerated at all. And we demand courteous, inclusive, and equitable behaviour from each and every member of our faculty and student body. At all times, on every campus. ACU has a number of policies, processes, and protocols in place to guard against and address discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.


Learning about your library is one of your best resources in the fight for academic success. Our campus libraries are effective resources for teaching, learning, and research, whether you’re using a laptop at home to browse our online databases or scouring the shelves for that particular book.

Tap Into A World Of Resources

As repositories of knowledge, libraries have always been at the heart of universities. Ours are no different. And using them is easy and rewarding. Our campus libraries, resources and librarians are there to help you tackle those tricky essays, and provide the quiet or collaborative space you need to get your work done.

Student Accommodation

A fantastic approach to making the most of your university experience is to live in student housing. Experience communal living in a welcoming, encouraging, and spiritual setting with students from all over the world including Australia. While residing with us, you will have access to sporting, leadership, and community participation activities.

You can make the most of your residential life experience by taking advantage of all that our Residential Life Program has to offer. Academic, social, cultural and community, health and wellbeing, and spirituality are the five main attribute areas on which this curriculum extracts.


Our residents have demonstrated that they outperform other students in terms of academic pass rates. We think this is in part because of the specialized academic options we provide through our residential living program, which is open to all residents.


Our inclusive, encouraging, and inviting community greatly contributes to the success of our residents while they are residing in student housing. We support chances for students to develop “life-ready” skills and knowledge that will help them once they leave the house.

Scholarship Coverage

The Australian Government will pay all expenses related to the selected students’ study in Australia via the Australian Catholic University Scholarships 2024 program. The following are some benefits for international students:

  • Full Tuition Fee.
  • Monthly Stipend.
  • Students enrolled in an applied undergraduate or graduate degree programme at the university may apply for a $5,000 grant from the Australian Catholic University.
  • Medical Insurance.

Programs Offered

All academic subjects are available at Australian Catholic University Scholarships 2024 in Australia. Graduate programs last 2-3 years, but undergraduate degree programs last 4-5 years. Details of the program are displayed below;

  • Life Sciences and Medicines
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Management
  • Social Sciences and Management

Eligibility Requirements

All requirements and prerequisites for the Australian Catholic University Scholarships 2024 have been met.

  • Scholarships are open to all international students and Australian residents.
  • Applicants must be enrolled and accepted in the program of their choice.
  • The applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree certification, an equivalent alternative certificate, or have completed Year 12 in Australia.
  • For Graduate Degree Programs Undergraduate are Required.
  • The age limit for a Graduate Degree is not more than 35 at the time of application.
  •  Good Academic Record.
  • Experienced in Research for Graduate.
  • If your previous educational experience was not in English, you’ll need to take the IELTS or TOEFL tests.

Required Documents

  • To be eligible for undergraduate degree programmes, students must have completed at least 12 years of education.
  • For Graduate Degrees Transcript of Undergraduate.
  • Passport for International Students.
  •  Short Resume/CV
  • The Motivational Letter or Statement of Purpose.
  • Study Plan or Research Proposal for Graduate Degree only.
  • Two Recommendation Letters.
  • English Proficiency Certificate from the last institute.
  • Candidates must either take the ACU English Test or submit their IELTS results. Additionally acceptable results on the TOEFL, CAE, and PTE tests.

Application Deadline

The Closing date to apply Online for the Catholic University Scholarships is 12 February 2024. 

How To Apply?

The official website is the best place to start if you want to learn more about Joint Catholic University Scholarships. You may find in-depth details on the available courses and programs, the admissions standards and process, the campus amenities, student life, and much more there. Find out more about the academics, researchers, and community involvement programs at the university. Additionally, the website gives users access to student handbooks and academic calendars. Visit the university’s official website if you’re keen to learn more about it, whether you’re a prospective or present student or you’re just interested. Click here to view the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deadlines for applying for scholarships?

The Closing date to apply Online for the Catholic University Scholarships is 12 February 2024. 

What are the eligibility requirements for scholarships?

The eligibility requirements for scholarships vary depending on the scholarship, but some common eligibility requirements include maintaining a certain GPA, being a member of the Catholic faith, and demonstrating financial need.

What are my chances of receiving a scholarship?

Your chances of receiving a scholarship depend on a variety of factors, including your academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and financial need. However, there are many scholarships available, so all students should apply for scholarships, regardless of their background.

How can I improve my chances of receiving a scholarship?

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of receiving a scholarship, such as maintaining a high GPA, participating in extracurricular activities, and demonstrating financial need. You can also increase your chances of receiving a scholarship by applying for as many scholarships as possible.

What happens if I receive more than one scholarship?

If you receive more than one scholarship, you will need to decide which scholarship you want to accept. You can only accept one scholarship per year, so you should carefully review the terms of each scholarship before making a decision.

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