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49 Postdocs and Research Positions at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Postdocs and Research Positions at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy, promote excellence in research and the development of economy

Postdocs and Research Positions at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy, promote excellence in research and the development of economy.

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral Fellowship in “Nanomedicine for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases” 20/01/2022 – 21000052

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPostdoc position in Data science for renewable energies 20/01/2022 – 2100007Q

Administrative GENOVASenior Administrative Assistant (Grants writing – Horizon Europe) 23/01/2022 – 2100007M

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in cellular and molecular cancer biology 24/01/2022 – 2100007R

Administrative GENOVAWeb Content Manager 24/01/2022 – 2100008I

Postdoc GENOVAPost Doc position in Microencapsulation of actives in yeast 26/01/2022 – 22000005

PhD Fellow GENOVAPhD fellow in Bi-directional high-resolution neuroelectronics 26/01/2022 – 22000009

Administrative MILANO POLIMIAdministrative Support Assistant for Research Lines 27/01/2022 – 2200000B

Postdoc GENOVA S. QUIRICOPost Doc position in Robotics and AI 27/01/2022 – 22000007

Fellow GENOVAFellow position in System Integration Engineer for Legged Robots 27/01/2022 – 22000008

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOEngineer in Embedded Systems Designer for Robotics and AI – Artificial and Mechanical Intelligence 31/01/2022 – 2100007O

Postdoc LECCEPostdoctoral position in piezoelectric biointerfaces 31/01/2022 – 2100004O

Fellow GENOVA S. QUIRICOFellow position in Robotics and AI 31/01/2022 – 21000063

Technical GENOVA2 JUNIOR ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS 31/01/2022 – 2100008H

Fellow GENOVAFellow position in Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering 31/01/2022 – 2100006Q

Fellow GENOVAResearch Fellow in Mechanical Engineering for Soft Robotics 31/01/2022 – 2100007U

Administrative GENOVAWindows System Engineer 02/02/2022 – 2100003B

Administrative GENOVALinux System Engineer 02/02/2022 – 21000086

Administrative GENOVAIT System Engineer 02/02/2022 – 21000087

Postdoc PISAPost-doctoral Position in the field of two-dimensional materials 04/02/2022 – 2100008G

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPost-Doctoral position on time-resolved optical spectroscopy on perovskite semiconductors 14/01/2022 – 2100008B

Postdoc GENOVAPost Doc in Behavioral Neuroscience 15/01/2022 – 2100008C

Fellow GENOVAResearch Fellow in Simulation, Modeling, and Control 15/01/2022 – 2100007W

Technical GENOVATechnician position in cellular and/or molecular biology in neurodevelopmental disorders 15/01/2022 – 2100008D

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLI2 Postdoctoral positions in Medicinal Chemistry 15/01/2022 – 2100008A

Fellow GENOVAFellow position in Development of Firmware & High Level Control for Exoskeletons 15/01/2022 – 2100005L

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Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in the Neuromodulation of Synaptic Circuits 15/01/2022 – 2100005M

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPost-doc Functional Memory Network in collaborative AI for context awareness and action planning in robotics 16/01/2022 – 21000089

Administrative GENOVASoftware Developer 16/01/2022 – 2100005C

Postdoc TORINO ENVIPARKPostdoctoral position in “in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy“ 17/01/2022 – 2100000S

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPost-doctoral position in Light coupling to nanostructured materials 15/02/2022 – 2100007X

Postdoc LECCEPost Doc in Computational Nanoplasmonics 15/02/2022 – 2100006R

Researcher VENEZIAResearcher in nanocomposite design for material preservation 15/02/2022 – 2000005M

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Machine Learning for Earth Observation data 15/02/2022 – 2000002S

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPost-Doctoral Position in Edible Electronics 20/02/2022 – 22000006

Postdoc GENOVAPost Doc in Soft Robotics Engineer 28/02/2022 – 22000001

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in Advanced Teleoperation and Haptics – 2100006U

Fellow GENOVATwo Fellow Positions on Advanced Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration – 21000065

Fellow GENOVA S. QUIRICOFellow position in software engineering for robotic applications – 2100005N

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOJunior Mechatronic/Assembly Engineer for Robotics – 2100004Z

Postdoc GENOVAPOST DOC opening in Intelligent and Ergonomic Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration – 2100004L

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoc on Robot learning and control – 22000002

Fellow GENOVAFellow Positions in developing the next generation of bionic rehabilitation systems – 2100003S

Postdoc BERGAMOPost-doc position in Human Robot Interaction for Industrial Collaborative Robots – 2100001C

Technical GENOVATechnical position in Mechanical design and Mechatronics. – 2000004Y

Administrative GENOVASupporto all’attività Tecnico/Amministrativa L.68/99 – 1900001C

Fellow GENOVAOne Fellow Position on Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Manipulation – 2100007F

Postdoc GENOVAPost-Doc in Perception for Legged Robots – 2100006Z

Postdoc GENOVAPost-Doc in Machine Learning for Legged Robots – 2100006Y

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