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101 Positions at Delft University of Technology Netherlands (PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty)

Fully Funded Scholarship Positions to Study Abroad for International Students to Study in Netherlands at University of Technology

Applications are invited for 101 PhD, Postdoctoral, and Faculty Positions at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands to work and study abroad for international scholars and students.

Delft University of Technology (Dutch: Technische Universiteit Delft) also known as TU Delft, is the oldest and largest Dutch public technological university. It is located in Delft, Netherlands. It is

consistently ranked as the best university in the Netherlands. As of 2020, it is ranked by QS World University Rankings among the top 15 engineering and technology universities in the world.

PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Delft University of Technology Netherlands

With eight faculties and numerous research institutes, it has more than 19,000 students (undergraduate and postgraduate), and employs more than 2,900 scientists and 2,100 support and management staff.

The university was established on 8 January 1842 by William II of the Netherlands as a Royal Academy, with the primary purpose of training civil servants for work in the Dutch East Indies. The school expanded its research and education curriculum over time, becoming a polytechnic school in 1864 and an institute of technology (making it a full-fledged university) in 1905. It changed its name to Delft University of Technology in 1986.

Dutch Nobel laureates Jacobus Henricus van ‘t Hoff, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, and Simon van der Meer have been associated with TU Delft. TU Delft is a member of several university federations, including the IDEA League, CESAER, UNITECH International, and 4TU.

List of 101 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands to work and study abroad.

Postdoc(s) Convergence for Health and Technology Projects
PhD Position Dynamic Semantics Specification
Maintenance-engineer Bouwfysica
Assistant Professor Ports and Waterways
PhD Positions (various projects)
Postdoc High Precision PET/SPECT Cancer Therapy Imaging
PhD Position Biophysical Studies at the Interface with Artificial Lipid Membranes
PhD Position Software Testing
PhD Position in Analysis
PhD Position Interaction Chemistry Between Fission Products and Lead/Lead-Bismuth Eutectic Coolant
PhD Positions or Postdocs in Single-molecule Studies of Chromatin Replication
Specialist Maintenance
Assistant or Associate Professor in Software Engineering
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Optimal Control of Thermofluids Networks
PhD Position Computational Microscopy
PhD Position Control of Evasive Manoeuvres for Automated Driving
PhD Position Interactive Optoelectronic Platform for Advanced Investigation of Fibrillation in Real-size Human Atrial Culture Models
PhD Position Real-time Image Corrections for Live-television
Postdoc Fall Prevention in Elite and Consumer Cycling
Postdoc Image Processing for Light Microscopy
Postdoc Valpreventie bij recreatief en professioneel fietsen
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Space Systems (Laser Communication)
Assistant Professor Statistics
Lecturer Miniaturized ADCS Space Systems with Academic Career Advancement
Molecular Biology Technician
PhD Position Optimization
Principal Educator
Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer Quantum Internet
2 PhD positions for Metropolis 2 project: A unified approach to airspace design and separation management for U-spac
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor Financial Stochastics
Postdoc Waste Plastics Gasification to Establish a Circular Economy for Polyolefin Plastics
Postdoc Deep-Learning Based Radar Processing for Intelligent Vehicles
PhD Position Control Methods to Reduce Motion and Simulator Sickness
PhD Position Motion Sickness Prediction in Automated Vehicles and Driving Simulators
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor Chemical Engineering
PhD Position Automated Vehicle Control in Edge Cases
Assistant or Associate Professor Social Robotics
PhD Position Machine Learning for Complex Fluid Mechanics and Convective Heat Transfer
Postdoc Hydrofoil Platform Integration in to Research and Education
Program Manager Division QuTech Quantum Computing
PhD Autonomous winged VTOL drone precision control and operations
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor Real Estate Economics
Community Builder / Project Lead Teaching Initiatives
Postdoc Inter-Temporal Justice in Resilience Decision-Making
PhD Position LANDMARC LAND-use Based MitigAtion for Resilient Climate Pathways
ASIC Design/Design Flow Specialist
Assistant or Associate Professor (tenure track) in Ship Design, Production, and Operations
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor Data Fusion for Intelligent Vehicles
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor Department of Imaging Physics
Assistant Professor(s) or Associate Professor(s) Numerical Analysis Computational Finance and Fast Solvers for Large (Non-) Linear Systems
Full Professor High Performance Computing
PDEng Trainee designer bioprocess engineering
PDEng Traineeship chemical product design
PDEng Traineeship process and equipment
Phd Position Integrated Photonics Based Sensors for Bragg Peak Localization Using Ultrasound
PhD Position Interactive Machine Reasoning for Responsible Hybrid Intelligence
PhD Position Static Semantics Specification
Postdoc (Meta-)Learning to Give Feedback in Interactive Learning
Postdoc Frugal (Waste-)Water Technology
Assistant Professor High Performance Polymer Matrices
Assistant Professor in Blockchain-related Computer Science
Assistant Professor Novel Thermoplastic Composites
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor Bio-inspired Micro Air Vehicles
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor Visual Computing
Beleidsmedewerker Talent & Development
Combined function of programme manager of the TU Delft Wind Energy Institute and Coordinator of the European Wind Energy Master (0.8-1 fte)
Electronics Engineer
PhD Material Design Under Uncertainty with Bayesian Deep Learning
PhD Position 4TU.Centre Engineering Education and Centre for Education and Learning
PhD Position Development of 4D Shape-Morphing Neuronal Scaffolds by Two-photon Polymerization and Machine Learning
PhD Position Digital-Twin Based Design of Connected Smart E-bikes
PhD position Distributed Systems
PhD Position Greenpower Assessing the Consequences of the Energy Transition on Waterborne Supply Chains
PhD Position H2020 COgnitive Assisted Agile Manufacturing for a LAbor Force Supported by Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
PhD Position Materials Design with Generative Machine Learning
PhD Position Multi-modal and Computational Adaptive Imaging for Archaeological Samples and Art Objects
PhD Position New Machine Learning Strategies for Data Scarce Materials Science Problems
PhD Position Statistical Integer Linear Programming in High Dimensions
PhD Position(s) I-GNSS Positioning for Assisted and Automated Driving
Postdoc Position H2020 COgnitive Assisted Agile Manufacturing for a LAbor Force Supported by Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
Researcher Ontologies for Modelling Tool Behaviours
Senior Netwerk consultant ICT-Infra
Assistant Professor – AI for Systems and Control
Assistant Professor – Artificial Intelligence for Fluid Mechanics
Assistant Professor – Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing Space Structures
Assistant Professor Accelerating Quantum Physics or Nano-Science Developments using Artificial Intelligence
Assistant Professor Designing AI-Powered Systems
Assistant Professor in Human Interactions with Embodied Artificial Intelligence
Assistant Professor Transforming Chemical Engineering or Biotechnology with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Assistant Professors – Artificial Intelligence and its Applications
Assistant Professors – Artificial Intelligence for Architecture and the Built Environment
Assistant Professors in Artificial Intelligence
Assistant Professors in the field of Artificial Intelligence for Civil Engineering and Geosciences
PhD Position Situated AI Systems
PhD Position(s) Artificial Intelligence and Probabilistic Tensor Methods
PhD Position(s) Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Control
PhD position ICAI AFR – Deploying ML Models at Scale track
Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science
101 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands to work and study abroad.

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